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Guidelines for The Development of Teaching Profession Competency of Secondary School Teachers Under The Office of Savannakhet Provincial Education and Sports Service, Lao People�s Democratic Republic

This study aimed to examine the need of teaching competency development thus developed guidelines based on the teaching profession competency of secondary school teachers under the office of Savannakhet Provincial Education and Sport Service, Lao People�s Democratic Republic. Researchers utilized mixed mode method using survey and focus group discussion design. A total of 313 samples were selected from57 schools with a total population of 1,749 teachers. Modified Priority Needs Index was used to measure the needs of the development of teaching profession competency. Findings of first phase of this study revealed that there are three aspects of needs of teaching profession competency development namely knowledge about the learners, teachers� teaching capability, and qualifications and professional ethics with the Modified PNI ranging from 0.53 to 0.67. The second phase of the findings regarding the guidelines for the teaching profession competency development indicated that teachers should organize appropriate learning activities to fulfill the special needs of each learner, teachers should apply knowledge about ICT to learning activities, and school should organize activities that show mutual respect among learners. Finally schools are recommended to practice educational policy to inculcate proper consciousness by reciting the Buddhist teachings. Index Terms� Guidelines, Priority Needs, Teaching Profession Competency.