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A Structural Equation Model of Technological Leadership Affecting The Professional Learning Community in Schools Under The Local Governing Organizations, Khonkaen Province

This study aimed to shed light on linear structural relationship model of technological leadership and professional learning community in schools under the Local Governing Organizations, KhonKaen province, Thailand. This study utilized quantitative survey design using questionnaire as an instrument. A total of 420 samples consisted of school principals and teachers were involved using multi-stage sampling. Findings revealed that school principals were highly practicing technological leadership and its dimensions as well as professional learning community practice.In addition, results revealed that the model of relationship between technological leadership and professional learning community were found to be consistent with empirical data, with χ2=45.616, df = 32, χ2/df = 1.4255, P = 0.0561, RMSEA = 0.032, SRMR = 0.012,CFI = 0.996,TLI = 0.995. On top of that, both total and direct influences of technological leadership on professional learning community were found to be positive at 0.908, with statistical significance at 0.01 level. Technological leadership could explain the variance of professional learning community at 82.5 percent. Index Terms´┐Ż Professional learning community, structural equation model, technological leadership.