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Parametric Optimization of Mmaw Process For Nano Hardfacing Material Using Hybrid Approach

The objective of this research is to solve the multi-response parameter optimization problems of manual metal arc welding (MMAW) process assisted with nano hardfacing material. A combination of Taguchi�s robust design concept with principal component analysis (PCA) has been applied to optimize the process parameters. Experimentation was planned as per Taguchi�s orthogonal array. In this paper, experiments have been conducted using welding current, arc voltage, welding speed as input process parameters for evaluating multiple responses namely weld bead width and bead hardness. Finally, responses are ranked based on the GRG values using GRA method which transforms multi-response problem into single response problem. Keywords- Optimization, Manual metal arc welding, Nano hardfacing material, Taguchi�s Robust design, PCA