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Factors and Consequences of Traffic Accidents on Main Roads and Highways of Kuwait

The purpose of this article is to describe the major factors and the consequences of traffic accidents on main roads and highways in the State of Kuwait. Also, the role of the government that pertains to the issues of planning on reducing traffic accidents, congestion, funding, construction, operation and maintenance of the road system. Jahra Road (Route 85) is an example of one of the most congested main roads in the Country with history of deadly accidents. The Route is currently undergoing a huge renovation and reconstruction program. Some of the recommendations pertain to additional Government's efforts which are required to deal adequately with the growing volume of traffic accidents that results in death and jammed roads. Another recommendation will be the role of the Government in combating and controlling corruption in order to control the number of deadly accidents that no one would be allowed to obtain a driver's license except after passing written and driving tests, and abide by the traffic laws of the country. Index Terms- Traffic accidents, congestion, Jahra Road project (JRDP)