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Awareness on Preservation The Heritage Structures: A Study on Historic Bridges in Malaysia

The heritage tourism regarding historic structures like pre WWI still lack of studies and enriching. So as the aspect of the awareness and preservations of few historic bridges, which are built in the early 1900. In fact the bridges has been abandon and neglected for years. In term of this, the study focused on the awareness and preservation of three historic bridges; the Victoria Bridge, Pinang Tunggal Bridge and Kuala Krai Bridge in Malaysia. A survey was conducted to determine the aspect of awareness and willingness to preserve of historic structures from the residents, stakeholders, communities and tourism industry player. A sample of 229 was response with a rate of 76.3% was achieved. The results showed the regression coefficient suggested that all the variables of aesthetics, heritage tourism, economic value, history and culture is positively significant influence the willingness to preserve. This indicated that in term of the awareness, there is a need to enhance and educate consistently all parties. Meanwhile for the aspect of willingness to preserve, the local authorities and stakeholders must play a major role besides the continuous efforts of residents and communities need to be educated, guided and appreciates the historic value. Keywords- Heritage Structures, Historic Structures, Awareness, Preservation, Conservation, Stakeholders.