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Proposed Design to Minimize Impact of Mobile Phone on Human Health: Andline

The use of cellular phones has increased fiercely since the early 1980�s. Cellular phone usage and its technology have become prominent since past four decades theconcerns about health have also increased along with growing use of cellular phones. Several possible adverse health effects due to use of cellular phones have been reviewed by many authors and several expert groups. They have recommended for further investigation and research to find solutions to limit the prolonged use of cellular phones, so exposure of humans to undue radiations will be restricted. The idea proposed in this paper is about designing the device Andline which can serve as anone of the possible solution to minimize effects on human health due to prolong use of cellularphones which radiates in electromagnetic spectrum, RF exposure on humans can be minimized by keeping handset away from our bodyso that tissues does not absorb heatradiated by the device, Andline is a device which can be designed to keep away cellular phones from human body, which is improvedform of conventional Landline set.It should be interfaced with mobile handsetwhich operates on android. Some additional features can be provided with this interfacing device like connecting peripherals onto the device through USB ports. The peripherals to be connected are keyboard, mouse, pendrive etc., and these peripherals can be used while texting, playing games and for many more functionseven though the call is in progress. Keywords- ANDLINE, USB, cellular phone, RF-EMF(Radio Frequency-Electromagnetic Feild), mobile handset.