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Title: Omen And Divination In African Literature: Study Of Selected Works Of Igbo Playwrights

Part of the major pre-occupations of writers all over the world is to produce literary composition such as poems, plays, and critical essays via imagination. To do this, to adopt some idiosyncratic approaches, which give their works certain peculiarities or uniqueness? Nevertheless people at times tend to overlook this while reading such works. They have not tried to find out why such writers chose to be identified with particular styles. For instance omen and divination are predominant phenomena in the plays of some contemporary Igbo playwrights like Godwin Onyekaonwu, A.B.C Chukwuezi, Enyinna Akoma and many others. It is that gap that the resent study intends to fill in selecting some of the works of these Igbo playwrights with a view for examining the extent to which the incidence of omen and divination help to enhance and elucidate the themes of these works. The selected Igbo plays are Nwata Rie Awọ and Akụ Fechaa. The examination of the incidence of these phenomena is based on theory of myth. In order to achieve this purpose, the researcher adopted a descriptive survey method. This is because there are so many Igbo drama texts written by different authors but data of the research were collected only on those that have ominous and divinatory phenomena in them. Through this method it was discovered that the authors made use of these phenomena to explore the culture and traditions of Igbo people which form the common motif of their plays. Secondly Igbo cultures are myth in Igbo which they respect, reference and not mere superstition. They are in various cultures of the world. The authors project them for documentation, preservation and posterity. Key words- Omen, Divination, African Literature, playwright