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Increasing Interactivity: The Value and Use of Multimedia in The Online Education-A Case Study

Multimedia technologies have been widely used in higher education. More specifically, multimedia technologies are increasingly becoming more popular in online environment. Previous research studiesdemonstrate that the use of multimedia hassubstantively improved students’ learning and attitudes. On the basis of literature in the subject of multimedia technology and theconstructivist learning theory, an empirical study was carried out to examine the effect of a multimedia enhanced courseon learning outcomes as well as students’ attitudes and perceptions. The effectiveness of this revised course was investigated by students’ achievement, students’ engagement, and students’ satisfaction. Results of this study show that students in this revised multimedia-enhanced course exhibited a significant higher level of performance, and students’engagement and satisfactionwere also favorable in this multimedia-enhanced course.Finally, research limitations are discussed and future research directions are suggested. Keywords— Learning Outcome, Student-Centered Learning, Online Course, Educational Technology, Multimedia.