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The Power of “Likes”: Exploring Relationships Between Behaviors on Social Networking Website and Individual Psychological Resources

With the increasing usage of social networking website, a lot of research works have been done to explore relationships between internet behaviors and psychological factors. However, little is known about how individual’s psychological resources affect behaviors on the internet. This study focused on individual’s behaviors on Facebook, a popular social networking website, and the relationships with their psychological resources including positive psychological capital and social capital. A better understanding of these relationships will help to give guidance to people who exists unhealthy internet behavior. The method to carry out this study was using a survey. The participants were 278 employees who work in a large medical organization. To address research goals, several statistical analyses including descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, analysis of variance (ANOVA), and hierarchical regression analysis were conducted. Results indicated that: (1) psychological capital is negatively related to using time on internet; (2) psychological capital is positively related to frequency of giving “Likes” and receiving “Likes”; (3) interpersonal relationships also influence behaviors on Facebook, people who are more satisfied to their internet interpersonal relationship are more likely to give “Likes” and receive “Likes”. The practical implications based on the results of this study were also discussed. Keywords— Social Networking Website; Psychological Capital; Social Capital; Interpersonal Relationships, Individual Psychological Resources.