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Efforts to Leverage Business Competitiveness: An Analysis Towards Malaysia’s SMEs

Realizing the important role of SMEs in promoting Malaysian economy has prompted Malaysian government to implement various programs and incentives to further enhance this sector. As a result, the company’s level of competitiveness emerges as an important indication to be gauged among companies. Based on the existing stream of literature, this research aims to provide the insights into the underpinning of competitiveness among SMEs in Malaysia. Specifically, it is trying to determine the relationship between government support, human capital development and infrastructure on company’s level of competitiveness. A total of 197 responses from questionnaire survey were collected from various SMEs around Klang Valley. Data were analyzed using cross tabulations and Pearson correlation which has resulted in a number of new discoveries. Firstly, is the evident of strong association of business ownership and the level of competitiveness. Apart from that, this research has empirically confirmed that government support and good infrastructure significantly affect level of competitiveness among businesses. The finding is indeed beneficial for future business growth and development in the country. Keyword— SMEs, Malaysia, Competitiveness, Government Support, Infrastructures.