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Business Intelligence Application on Bridge Management Systems: 3D Bridge Models

The current state of the nation’s infrastructure, and in particular bridges, has been an ongoing topic of discussion amongst engineering professionals and academia scholars, including its ascent to the short list of political topics in an election year. There is no shortage of historical data available on the condition and performance of bridges across U.S. states, including the Department of Transportation’s Bridge Management System (BMS) and the National Bridge Inventory (NBI).But, what is lacking however in current practice is a user-friendly platform that automatically generates the desired level of information from the gathered data sets into a systematic, comprehensive manner that can be interpreted by all levels of the transportation profession. We propose a methodology that generates a dashboard system that concisely summarizes the performance measures and structural conditions of the selected bridge provided within the aforementioned datasets via Business Intelligence (BI) software. Moreover, a visualization tool that has the ability to display a model representation of the analyzed bridge structure in 3-Dimensional form is introduced through the application of Oracle R Enterprise. Such improved features of analysis will allow Transportation practitioners alike to (almost overnight) enhance their job performance, which comes at a crucial time within a profession that is witnessing the exponential advancement of technology, increased demand for big data analytics, and a national infrastructure of bridges that is arguably “crumbling under our feet.” Keywords— Business Intelligence, Bridge Management System, National Bridge Inventory, Oracle R Enterprise, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.