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Computational Approach to Improve the Performance of the Air-Turbine With Different Type Impeller Blades For the Dental Handpiece

The high-speed dental air-turbine handpiece is widely used in cutting and polishing denture structure in dentistry. The handpiece has the air-turbine which rotates a cutting bur. The air-turbine impeller is rotated by the compressed-air. There are different blade types for the impeller such as flat, concave and gull. The gull and concave type impeller blades were selected for the air-turbine. The objective of the study was to investigate the flowfield of the air-turbine with the gull and concave types impeller blade and to compare the results. The computational domain of the air-turbine was computed usingANSYS CFX Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. The air-turbine with the concave and gull type impeller blade was analyzed and the results were evaluated by the velocity, pressure and the torque. The air-turbine with the concave type impeller blade had higher torque value than the air-turbine with the gull type impeller blade. Keywords´┐Ż CFD, concave type blade, gull type blade, impeller, ANSYS CFX, immersed solid.