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The Effect of Strategic Planning and Quality Cultureon Employee Performancetoward TQM Implementation in Indonesian Gas Company

The globalization of markets, the increased of economic interpenetration and the interdependence between economic actors require companies to redesign and modify their competitive strategy. Therefore, in order to improve performance and meet the challenges of competition, companies must perform acts on improving the overall activities of the company with an emphasis on flexibility and quality. Empirical studies that examine the relationship between TQM practices and corporate performance have been encountered in many operations management literatures. Thus, it is commonly to found the relationship between TQM with business performance in the research literature. However, on the other hand studies that specify in linking between TQM and employees performance are still lacking and relatively small. Therefore, this study will specifically examine and analyze the practices of strategic planning and quality culture on total quality management (TQM) implementation on employee performance. Based on assessments of literature review, it can be concluded that quality culture play a major role in affecting both TQM implementation and employee performance. Therefore, the common effects of quality culture on TQM implementation and employee performance are expected to be greater. However, that study is remained outside the scope of this paper and left for further studies. Additionally to solve the confusing results on the effect of strategic planning and TQM implementation on employee performance is transferred to the future studies. Keywords- Strategic Planning, Quality Culture, TQM Implementation, Employee Performance.