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Control Scheme Of Stand-Alone Wind Power Supply System With Battery Energy Storage System

Energy is the major input for overall economic development of the society. Among them, wind energy is the fastest growing renewable energy source. This paper proposes a control strategy for a variable speed stand-alone wind power supply system with battery energy storage system. Wind turbine is connected with permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), switch mode rectifier, DC-DC bidirectional converter, battery bank, and voltage source inverter. Control of the switch mode rectifier is used to extract maximum power from available wind power. DC-DC bidirectional converter control is used to store the surplus energy and to discharge this energy when wind power is shortage. A voltage source inverter with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control is used to get the stable load side output voltage. The complete control scheme for wind power generating system has been applied using MATLAB/SIMULINK to supply the desire load. Keywords- Battery bank, DC-DC Bidirectional Converter, Diode Rectifier, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator, Voltage Source Inverter