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Analysis of Construction Manager Competencies For Quality Management

A construction manager (CM) in the construction industry performs construction management work with stakeholders and is involved in each stage of the construction project life cycle. As such, the competency of a construction manager is an important factor that directly affects the success of the construction work. In Korea, construction manager competencies are evaluated thru a qualification-oriented process. A limitation of this approach is that it only measures knowledge. Thus, this criteria is operated apart from asking about the completeness of a person�s skill sets or job experience as it applies to construction management. Therefore, in order to ensure that the production process meets the required standards, it is necessary to introduce a rating system to evaluate the competency of a construction manager. In this study evaluates the competency level of a construction manager through these elements. Current competencies evaluation methods are utilized to analyze the relation between competency level and the identified elements (years of experience, education and license) of the construction managers through survey analysis. The results of this paper may help in the development of a competency management system for construction managers. Index Terms- Construction Manager, Competency, Human Resource Management, Quality Management