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Process For Localizing and Applying PDRI Technique -Based on a Project Definition Rating Index

Risk management at early stage of a construction project, is known as an effective method expected various benefits about costs and schedule. The Project Definition Rating Index(PDRI) by the Construction Industry Institute(CII) is one of the method defined project scope for reducing risks. In addition, the PDRI is verified by pilot projects for achieving benefits by a risk management. To use this method, However, we have to consider some of the aspect about applying the object. Because each countries guideline is different for performing construction. Therefore, This study is suggested four considerations to apply the PDRI and a process guideline for using PDRI in local situation. This method will enable to improve the development of the PDRI Process for reflecting domestic situations in various countries Keywords- Risk management, Project Definition Rating Index(PDRI), Project scope, The early phase of project