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Application of BIM in Building Energy Efficiency Rating Certification

The enormous amount of design information and technical limitations of 2D methods in large construction projects have resulted in challenges with noncompliance, omissions and miswriting for existing 2D drawings-based construction information management. In Korea, it is mandatory to have objective information concerning energy for use in an Energy Performance Program (ECO2) for a Building Energy Efficiency Rating Evaluation. Currently, the Building Energy Efficiency Rating Evaluation utilizes 2D drawings where information is obtained and input manually, resulting in inefficiency and subjective judgment. This study aims to propose 'Methods for Applying BIM to Building Energy Efficiency Rating Certification work' in order to secure the accuracy and reliability of Energy Efficiency Rating Certification information and apply BIM to Korean Energy Efficiency Rating Certification work. It is expected that the methods proposed in this study can be applied to a Building Energy Efficiency Rating System in other countries that may face similar challenges. Index Terms- IFC(International Foundation Classes) , BIM(Building Information Modeling), BEER(Building Energy Efficiency Rating)