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Turnabout is Fair Play: Linkages Between Multi-Dimensional Organizational Justice Perceptions And Multi-Typology Counter Productive Work Behaviours

Management research has developed a fairly comprehensive understanding of desirable work behaviors but has largely neglected sub-role, antisocial and deviant work behaviors and specifically their situational antecedents. The purpose of the current study was to develop a conceptual framework that explores the linkages between multiple dimensions of organizational justice such as distributive justice, procedural justice, informational justice, interpersonal justice and multi-dimensional counterproductive work behaviors such as production deviance, property deviance, personal aggression and political deviance. Data was gathered from a sample of 250 faculty members from a public sector university of Pakistan and analyzed using structural equation modeling technique. Results indicated that distributive and procedural justice had a significant and negative impact on all forms of counterproductive work behavior. However, contrary to our expectations, interpersonal and informational justice was only related to personal aggression and political deviance. The research offers original contributions both theoretically and practically by exploring the unique linkages between justice perceptions and type of counterproductive behaviors. Index Terms- Distributive justice; procedural justice; informational justice; interpersonal justice; production deviance; property deviance; personal aggression; political deviance