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Design Calculation And Estimating Of Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Electrification For A Model Village (30 Kw)

Solar thermal energy produces immediate environmental benefits. Solar thermal energy can be converted into electrical energy with the help of parabolic trough electrification system. Electricity can be produced directly from thermal energy using solar thermal collectors which can generate heat energy for a working fluid. Myanmar is situated in the Northern hemisphere. Therefore, the solar collectors must be placed south-facing position when the solar radiation is calculated. To generate the required electrical energy of 30 kW, the total area of the installed collectors is about 194 m2. The concentrator has an aperture of 1.4 m and a length of 1.4 m, while the absorber tube (0.0315 m inner diameter and 0.0325 m outer diameter). The outlet temperature of working fluid (molten salt) was 763.4994 ̊C in April and 752.9932 ̊C in December. As the rated capacity of a model village is greater than 500 W, the selected nominal system voltage must be DC 120 V. In this paper, design calculation of solar thermal electrification consists of calculation of series and parallel collectors, daily load consumption and distribution system for desired loads for day and night, and estimated cost of electrical components for 400 V distribution system. Keywords- Parabolic Trough Collectors, Daily Load Consumption, Distribution System, Solar Intensity