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Studies in The Brain Alpha Band Reaction From Nonverbal Sound Stimulation

There are a variety of sounds existing in our environment, and different sounds can cause the human brain different reactivity and responses. In order to understand the reaction of the brain alpha band of nonverbal sound, this study designed three experiments to test ten subjects (their ages between 20 to 28) without mental diseases. Three experiments were given as standard both ears oddball experiment, right ear oddball experiment, and left ear oddball experiment whose standard stimulation was at 1000Hz (80dB) and deviation stimulation was at 1500Hz (80dB). Electroencephalogram (EEG) signals were recorded from 21 scalp electrodes with international standard 10-20 system. The results showed that the ten subjects� average power spectrums of alpha band on T5, T6, O2, OZ and O1 from the right ear oddball experiment were larger than those of the left ear oddball experiment. Thus, that of the nonverbal sound stimulation was more significant in right brain reaction. The average power spectrum of alpha band on T6 was more significant than that on T5. Consequently, the reaction of right hemisphere was greater than that of left hemisphere from nonverbal sound stimulations. Keywords- Electroencephalogram (EEG), alpha band, nonverbal sound stimulations