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Enviromental Friendly Composites From Fibers Of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch As Bullet Proof Components For Armoured Vehicles

Increasing world population is one factor which causes the growing vegetable oil production in the world. The most produced vegetable oils in the world are such as cottonseed oil, palm oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, sunflower oil. In year 2012, palm oil was the most produced vegetable oil with world production by 53,3 million tons. Indonesia is the most producer of crude palm oil (CPO) in the world with production by 26,9 million tons in 2012. By palm oil industry biomass will be generated in plantation and at the palm oil mill. Empty fruit bunch of oil palm (EFB) is one of biomass which is generated at palm oil mill. The amount of EFB and the production of CPO is proportional. It means there were about 26,9 million tons of EFB available in 2012 in Indonesia or 53,3 million tons in the world. Nowadays, only small amount of EFB would be utilized for different purposes such as as animal feed, compost, briquettes, particle boards. From 100% EFB can be gained about 50% fibers of EFB. After fiberizing stage the EFB to be fibers, followed by fibers screening stage, the fibers will be raw material which can be processed furthermore to be prepregs and finally to be composites. In this research the natural binding agent of starch of potato will be used. With composition of 1:1 between the fibers and the binding agent. They will be mixed and prepregs will be produced. At next, the prepregs will be hot pressed with temperature by 180 0C, pressure by 40 bar and press duration by 15 munites to be enviromental friendly composites. According to standard DIN 53 457 (the 3 points bending) the material have strengthness about 7 GPa. 5 layers of these composites were prepared for ballistic test at distances of 5, 10 and 15 m and they showed good results. It is possible to implement environmental friendly composites from fibers of oil palm empty fruit bunch mixed with starch binding agent from potato to be bullet proof components for armoured vehicles. Keywords- Armoured Vehicle, Binding Agent, Bullet Proof, Composite,Empty Fruit Bunch, Oil Palm, Potato, Prepregs, Starch