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Factors Influencing Touristsí Decision in Visiting Mandeh Resort in West Sumatera Indonesia

This study is aimed at determining some factors influencing public in visiting Mandeh Resort located in Painan, one of well-known tourism destination in West Sumatra Indonesia. The population of this research was the tourists who were attending their holidays on those site. The sample of the research was randomly taken by using accedental sampling technique. The number of the sample was 100. Data was analized by using SPSS version 20. The obtained data was analyzed through descriptive Analysis Technique and The Factor-Analysis model. The research reveals that there are four main factors influencing public in visiting Mandeh resort in West Sumatra. The first factor are tourist guide availability and security . The second factor is the availability of worshipping area. The third factor is the great number of visitors of the site, while the fourth factor is uniqueness of the tourist destination Key Words- Tourist, visitor, buying-decision, destination, tourism