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Development of Web Based Energy Management System

The usage of electrical power at home or Organization is something that always occurred in our life and it was a necessary to manage it in a systematic way to ensure the system operate in intelligent mode. In India when users at home turn on the electrical appliances in peak time which contribute to the exceeding of limit power drop causing them to be charge in expensive rate. The purpose of this project is to design a web based control system to meet the objectives of monitoring the consumptionís rate of power, current level, and turn on or off appliance through a computer. Methodology in implement this system could be categorized into Statistical Analysis and Software Design. The software develops based on graphical user interface in PHP a web based open source software which is interface with hardware that used Energy Meter with Motorola microcontroller as controller. Energy management system implementation ultimate goal is to achieve through intelligent system integration of existing systems be saving energy consumption and improving its efficiency Keywords- Energy saving, smart home, Statistical Tools, Correlation, Regression