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The Impact of Human Resources Management on Employee Performance: Organizational Commitment Mediator Variable

This study aims to examine the impact of the human resource management (HRM) policies on the organizational commitment and the performance of the employees at Jumhoruia bank in Libya. The study encompasses the policies factor as an independent variable and the factor of employee performance as a dependent variable. This study also intends to investigate the role of “organizational commitment” as a mediator variable between the polices of (HRM) and the performance of the employee, and to achieve these aims, the researchers have used the descriptive analytical method (quantitative) which represented using ( CFA) in order to verify the structural truth of the study factors reaching to use (SEM-AMOS). The study is targeting all employees working in Jumhoruia bank, the headquarters and the branches in the capital city of Libya, Tripoli The study has concluded with many results, and one of the most important results is that, there is a positive relationship between the (HRM) and the employees‟ performance. The study also found that there is an indirect positive effect to the (HRM) through the organizational commitment with a percentage higher than the direct impact. the researchers recommends that all policy makers of (HRM) should pay more concern on policies and practices related to the employees which results into developing the employees‟ performance, also policy makers inside the bank should concentrate on emotional aspects of the employees which in turn result into a higher positive influence on their performance compared with the direct impact on their performances. Keywords— Human Resource Management, Employee Performance, Organizational Commitment.