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An Empirical Investigation on The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Team Work Quality � A Study With Specific Reference To Software Teams

The importance of Emotional Intelligence in enhancing team work has been recently gaining much importance. �Team Work Quality�, a terminology to conceptualize and quantify the quality of team work has likewise emerged in the last decade and attracted the interest of several researchers. This research intends to investigate through an empirical approach, the impact that Emotional Intelligence of a particular team or �Group Emotional Intelligence� on the Quality of team work of a particular team. Seven dimensions of Team Work Quality proposed by Weimar (2013) and four dimensions of Group Emotional Intelligence proposed by Jordan and Laurence (2009) has been considered as research instruments to quantify the variables. Data has been collected from 123 software professionals who are a part of software development team spread across various software organizations in and around Chennai, India. A multiple linear regression analysis has been conducted on the primary data collected. The research concludes with the finding that Group Emotional Intelligence acts as an enabler in enhancing the Team Work Quality of Software teams. Keywords- Group Emotional Intelligence, Software teams, Team Work Quality, TWQ Dimensions, Information technology sector