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An Exploratory Research on The Factor That Influencing Housing Price Among Youngsters In Klang Valley, Malaysia

This paper studies factors that influencing housing price among youngsters in Malaysia. Housing playing a very important role in our living life of human. Nowadays the housing price in Malaysia are much difference and higher compare to last time due to cost of raw material increase such as wood, cement, labor cost and so on. It is direct effect the environment, political, social life of the society. The problems of housing price is facing for the mostly of the low income group in the developing country housing.Housing is an important fixed asset for the people, in Malaysia the government recognizes that it is also a basic need for the citizen. Housing or property is very important component for urban economy. They government also have implement some policy and programmers which is to make sure that Malaysians have a chance to obtain a place to stay. In Malaysia this country, the development of housing is carried by the two main sector, which is private sector and public sector, and both are in the term of high, medium and low cost houses. Besides that, government of Malaysia also have established set of housing policy which focuses on the housing delivery and production which have the involvement of private sector, especially in housing scheme development. In the recent years, Malaysia economics have grown rapidly and this lead to the increase of the residential housing’s demand among the city areas in Malaysia. The data collection was present by questionnaires and this is the main method of the data collection in this study. The relationship between population and housing price is positive and significant. There is few research which state that, population had positive relationship to the housing price. The relationship between construction cost and housing price is positive. From the data analysis of this study, which show that there are positive and significant relationship between construction cost and housing price. The relationship between housing speculation and housing price is positive and significant. The relationship between inflation rate and housing price is positives. According to the data analysis in this study, there is relationship between inflation rate and housing price. Inflation will load real payment on the long-term fixed-rate mortgage, increasing of money supply lead to inflation and reduce in money value and lead to increasing of housing price.