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B2c Dimensions Are Improved By Mobile Services Adoption: Case Study of The Libyan Banking Industry.

In developed countries currently, the Banking sector has one of the most up-to-date mobile technology platforms. But the success of mobile services applications depends to a large extent on customer relationships and uptake of the technology. In Libya, mobile services applications have so far had less penetration in the Banking sector. The purpose of this paper is to fill in a gap in the literature by finding out the relationships between Mobile banking, customer satisfaction, customer trust, attitudes to technology, and customer loyalty in the Libyan banking industry. This article extends the technology acceptance model to evaluate the impact of ICT in improving customer relationships with a numbers of dimensions. A survey was conducted to collect data from a sample of participations who were previously Libyan citizens but now resident in Australia who have experience of the Libyan banking sector. The findings provide useful insight for banks for developing fitting marketing strategies to meet customer needs, and further to maintain and increase the degree of relationship with customers. Keywords- M Services, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Trust, and Customer Loyalty