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The Empowerment Level of Posdaya Cadres in Bogor, West Java, Indonesia

Posdaya is an integrated forum of friendship, communication, advocacy, and family empowerment. Posdaya focuses on four fields, namely education, health, entrepreneurship and environment. The study was administered using a descriptive correlational research survey design by scrutinizing communication activities and level of empowerment. The results showed that: 1) there is a difference in terms of level of education, level of experience, level of income, access to media, and the role as companion between the cadres in Bogor City and Bogor Regency; 2) there is a difference on the use of communication media such as radio and television between the cadres in Bogor City and Bogor Regency; 3) there is a relation in terms of cognitive, affective and behavior aspects between interpersonal activities, mediated communication, and communication in groups and level of empowerment of Posdaya cadres. Keywords- communication activities, posdaya cadres, empowerment.