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The Designability Investigation of a Support System Based on Injury Prevention Using Kinect in Bodybuilding Sport

As in all sports, injury and disability cases may occur in the bodybuilding sport. On the basis of this status, in general there are two factors. The first one is the wrong angle motion, as a result of this; muscle or muscle group is damaged. The second one is the wrong choice of weight (even excessive), so deterioration of the angles of motion leads to the damage of the muscle groups. Information technologies that can be used in this field are rapidly evolved and Kinect sensor is one of them. As a platform, Kinect has the ability of transforming human body movements to the digital environment via the sensors in its structure. So in bodybuilding sport, we can benefit from Kinect which forms a touchless interaction. In our study, "Dumbbell shoulder press" is selected as an example movement. Through the program written, using the Kinect the coordinates of the joints of the studied area during bodybuilding training is extracted. Then, by examining the data obtained from bodybuilding training, the designability of support system based on injury prevention using Kinect have been investigated. Keywordsó Applications in sport, Determination of injury risk, Exercise angles, Movement analysis, Skeletal tracking.