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Multiparty Access Control (MPAC) Policy For Online Social Networks (OSNS)

Online Social Networks (OSNs) have tremendous growth in recent years and this can be existed in hundreds of millions of internet users. This paper offers different policy for sharing data and information, but also raises number of security and privacy issue. We formulate an access control model to capture the essence of multiparty authorization requirements, along with a multiparty policy specification scheme and a policy enforcement mechanism. We begin by examining how the control lacks for shared data in OSNs based on the relationship between the user, data and their sharing patterns. Based on the sharing patterns, we formulate a Multiparty Access Control (MPAC) model to capture the core features of multiparty authorization requirements. Our model also contains a multiparty policy specification scheme. The future scope is to find conflicts and resolve the policies. Index Terms- Online Social Networks (OSNs), Access Control Model, Multiparty Access Control (MPAC), Multiparty Policy Specification Scheme, Multiparty Authorization Requirements.