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Taiwan Cultural And Creative Crafts: A Case Study on Cultural and Creative Exposition of Hualien

As the global cultural and creative industries are rising, people from anywhere in the world employ cultural and creative curation to add product value for economic development. Take Taiwan for example, Taipei, the capital, is elected as the design city of the world 2016. The designs from Taiwan will be seen in the world stage gradually. As Taiwan government aggressively encourages and promotes the creative designs, “Design”has become a distinguished science. How to transfer the cultural elements into a product on its outside appearance and the inside meaning is an important task. This research probed into the existence meaning and the method of cultural and creative curation. Hualien Cultural and Creative Exposition as an example, the exhibition subject and the character were employed in the in-depth interview to Hualien craftsmen so as to analyze the correlation between local human culture and the creation, and further understand how to completely connect the exhibits with local crafts. After a study on the exposition, this research sets up a design norm for cultural and creative crafts as shown in following three points: (1)Use local material - use Hualien’s territorial character as a design pivot, and present it in form of crafts. Let the viewers directly think of the image of Hualien, (2) melt into local culture - duly apply the transformation principle of cultural elements to melting many different elements into one artistic work, and (3) properly connect the craft colors with local terrain features so as to get the best of color application and have resonance with the viewers. It is expected that the findings of this research can be served as a reference material for future curations and researches. Keywords- Cultural and Creative Crafts, Exhibition Planning of Culture and Creative