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College Studentsí Perspectives of Learning With Students Who Have Special Needs

Difference is exist between students. Students learn through interacting and communicating with each other. It is crucial for students who have special needs to take full part in school life and achieve desired outcomes from their peer interaction and education experiences.Therefore, respect and consideration are expected to appear among students. The purpose of the study was to investigate college studentsí perspectives of learning with students who have special needs in order to provide proper assistances for better academic performances. This study used literature review on relative data. Furthermore, in-depth interview was conducted for revealing participantís background and learning experiences. The results indicated that (1) college students identify and build onan individual student's strengths and gifts without basis for future success in personal, academic, and vocationalpursuits in the inclusion classroom. (2) Studentsare willing to help and assist students with disabilities are receiving educational and related services knowledge ingeneral education classrooms. (3) Adult college students who have special needs also need to be provided with learning opportunities for the ultimate goal of inclusion in education. Keywords:Inclusion, Disability, Learning Opportunity