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An Improved Product Inspection Plan With Loss-Based Capability Index

Acceptance sampling plan provides the producer and the consumeran operatingprocedure for determining whether a submitted lot should be accepted or not. One of the acceptance sampling plans is called the repetitive group sampling (RGS) plan, which has been verified that is always more efficient than the single sampling plan.Althoughre-sampling is the feature of RGS plan, it will lead to the problems of duplicationand time-consumingfor product acceptance determination since it does not consider the preceding lots information.Therefore, the aim of this paper is to design a new sampling plan based on the loss-based capability index that improves the disadvantage of the RGS sampling plan and applies the idea ofthe multiple dependent state sampling plan about considering results of the past lot. Such a plan can be applied to the normal distribution with two-sided specification limits. The determination of plan parameters is tabulatedby solving anon-linear programming problem for several various quality levels and risks.Finally, the performance of the designed plan is examined and compared with traditional sampling plans. Keywordsó Acceptance sampling; Decision making; Lot sentencing; Process capability indices.