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Real-Time Dispatching System of Giga-FAB

Semiconductor manufacturing companies have constructed large fabs to enhance their competitive advantage.Normally, a modern Giga-fab has several production phases associated with AMHS (Automatic Material Handling System), and monthly capacity is greater than 100K [tsmc website].Since there are many production phases connected and the demand uncertainties particularly for make-to-order environment, the process management of shop floor is capricious. Therefore, how to properly manage and control the shop floor of each phase is very important indeed. In this work, a real-time dispatching (RTD) system is proposed. Two major functions of RTD are “Where’s next” and “What’s next” separately.The concept of safety stock isapplied to “Where’s next” function to assign the correct location for a lot. Regarding to “What’s next” function, the transportation time is considered for the lot with time constraint. Besides, a new algorithm is applied for “Look ahead” function which can increase the accuracy of “What’s next” assignment. Keywords— Giga-fab, Automatic Material Handling System, Real Time Dispatching.