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Exploration Preliminary Criteria For Revitalizing Urban Built Environment

The developmental management of local environment in modern city normally targets an innovative construction for emerging district or a local renewal in deteriorated area. Due to the depopulation issue and the saturated development in urban area, the revitalization development of urban built environment (UBE) became an important strategy in Taiwan. However, the conventional thinking of UBE development was mostly confined to physical construction and the goal of superficial slogans. Related research is also barren and most of them highlights illiberal particular direction. This results the homogeneity of development. Accordingly, this paper surveyed the UBE development based on the trend of sustainability to explore the essential user (inhabitant) needs, to manifest internal existed characteristics and further to develop new dynamic vitality. This paper reviewed relative literature to clarify and establish potential influential factors for practical development. Forty influential factors in terms of comfort and convenience, perception and esthetics, hygiene and health, and safety and privacy clusters were generated by integrating the concept of user-orientated urban environmental quality. Furthermore, fuzzy Delphi method (FDM) was employed to extract fifteen explicit evaluation criteria (criteria tree) for further revitalization development strategies for proposing UBE. The results provide an explicit foundation for related research as the consultation for practical development and policy making in the future. Keywords´┐Ż Urban built environment (UBE), Fuzzy Delphi method (FDM), Revitalization development, Evaluation criteria.