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Cultural Convergence E-Learning

E-Learning makes traditional cultures sustainable, relevant, and accessible. The visual language of film is an extension of the Māori tradition of oral storytelling and is the relational practice of tribal identity. The purpose of this presentation, by indigenous filmmaker and educator Kararaina Rangihau, is to show the power of film and its role in Māori education and its profound contribution to language revitalization and cultural convergence. Film is the educational medium that visually connects Māori in the 21st Century to the realm of their ancestors. E-Learning is the new classroom, the tool by which traditional Māori stories are disseminated throughout the world, and no matter where Māori are, or in what century they live, through E-Education they will always have access to their ancestral knowledge. Kararaina has written, directed and produced short dramas 100% in her native tongue, and with the advent of E-Learning her tribal oral history continues to be a source of inspiration not only for her tribal members, some 40,000 Māori, but for many indigenous cultures. This 15min presentation will showcase an example of how Kararaina successfully uses E-Learning as an educational tool. Keywords´┐Ż Culture, Transformation, Protocol, Practice, e-Learning, Film, Storytelling, Narratives, Tribal Identity, Education.