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Warning System for Drivers According to Attention and Meditation Status Using Brain Computer Interface

It is observed that the traffic accidents are mostly sourced from the drivers and its one of the main reasons is the lack of attention. Distracted drivers can't observe the traffic flow and traffic accidents occur as a result thereof. Brainwaves produce weak electrical signals that can be measured from the skull. Electroencephalography is a system that measures the activity of brainwaves using an electrical method. The Brain Computer Interface is a system that converts electrophysiological actions or metabolic rate to signals to be interpreted by a device. In the last decades, brain signals could be measured with systems requiring high costs, but nowadays, many EEG devices are available for personal use. These EEG devices and systems have their signal transformation methods. In this paper, a mobile system design that detects the distractions of drivers that are the major factor in traffic accidents via EEG signals is proposed. This system provides the necessary warnings to the driver. With the proposed system, it is aimed to measure and analyze the attention and meditation status via brain signals of the drivers. In case of the drivers' attention has been dispersed, it is aimed to provide the audio alerts to the drivers. It is proposed to use NeuroSkyMindwave Mobile as EEG device because of the wireless and easy to use options. Keywords� Brain Computer Interface, Electroencephalography, Mobile Applications, Traffic, Drivers.