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CFD analysis on Wind flow Characteristics while a Train Passing through the Tunnel

Increasing demand for energy in various industrial and domestic applications has imposed great challenge on generating the energy and sources of energy. One end is worried of increased demand for energy while other end is worried on most dependable fossil energy sources are getting exhausted. Fossil fuels have another issue related to environment and human health. In order to sustain the energy supply system two areas has to be given more importance under research and development, one to increase the efficiency of existing applications thereby to reduce the energy utilization, the second is to develop more renewable energy sources. One of the popular renewable energy source is the wind energy which is abundantly available in the earth atmosphere. Problem with wind energy is its consistency and efficiency of converting it into useful electrical energy. Most researchers are working on improving the efficiency of wind energy harness systems. Keywords- Renewable Energy, Wind Energy, CFD, Wind Turbine