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Twitter And Public Relation Activities By Universities

Innovations and technological developments can be witnessed for the last decades. All parts in our life have been affected by them. One of these parts is communication channel. Communication can be done so easily thanks to the revolutions in communication channels. Social media channel is a key actor to impact on the development on communication area. It has ample tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Periscope and others. These tools have been used in various communication practices. Public relation practices have been occurred by private and non-private sectors. Universities use social media tools to announcement their social and academic activities and the official promotions. Twitter is highly used channel to occur these works for them. However, public relation literature has a few studies about Twitter as a gun of PR practices, and none of them related with universities in spite of their active social media practices. That�s point is crucial motivation resource for this study. The aim of this study shows public relation activities by universities in Turkey. Also, understanding it�s correlation between PR practices through Twitter and their reputation on WEBO ranking system. Index terms- Twitter, Public Relation Practices, Academic Ranking Achievement.