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Alternative Assessment: Can Portfolio Assessment Have Positive Impact on Eflaboriginal Students� Learning Outcome?

Lack ofempirical research on portfolio assessment in aboriginal EFL English classes of junior high schools in Taiwan may inhibit EFL teachers from appreciating the utility of this alternative assessment approach. This study addressed the following research questions: 1) understand how aboriginal EFL students and instructors of junior high schools in Taiwan perceive portfolio assessment, and 2) how portfolio assessment affectsTaiwanese aboriginal EFL students� learning outcome. Ten classes of five junior high schools in Taiwan(from different regions of Taiwan) participated in this study. Two classes from each school joined the study and each class were randomly assigned as control group and one wasexperimental group. These five junior high schools consist of at 50% of aboriginal students. A mixed research design was utilized. The instructor of each class was implemented portfolio assessment for 15 weeks of the 2015 Fall Semester. At the beginning of the semester, all participants took a GEPT test (pretest), and the 15th week, all participants took the same level of GEPT test (post test). Scores of students� GEPT test twas checked by the researcher as supplemental data in order to understand each student�s performance. In addition, each instructor wasinterviewed to provide qualitative data concerning students� general learning performance and their perception of implementing portfolio assessment in their English classes. The results of this study was used to provide suggestions for EFL instructors while modifying their lesson plan regarding assessment. In addition, the empirical data was used as references for EFL instructors implementing portfolio assessment into their class effectively. Key words- Alternative Assessment, EFL Learners, Mixed Design, Portfolio Assessment