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The Empowerment of Physical Environment in Innovating Children Development: A Study on PERMATA Childcare Centre

Children from age of four to six years old ages are in the period of immense chance in all areas of development and physical changes are very visible. In order to achieve this matter, the concept of physical environment in the childcare are needed to suit with their needs. Theis paper focus on finding information in current status to be suited into PERMATA childcare’s physical environment to innovate children development. PERMATA is an organization was set up to promote and develop early childhood education and care. From there, the data will be analysed to identify the terms of their conduciveness and effectiveness in stimulating the physical environment with the children needs in evolving their development. Finally, the paper concludes with deliberation on key findings and their connection to the existing theory and recommendations. Keywords- Childcare Centre, PERMATA, Children Development, Physical Environment.