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Intensity Modulated Fiber Optic Three Dimensional Vibration Sensing System

A novel method is demonstrated for the design of three-dimensional non-contact fiber optic vibration sensor based on simple principle of reflected light intensity modulation. A bunch of optical fiber fibers have been arranged to detect vibration in axial, vertical and horizontal directions. The rational output technique implemented to discriminate the acquired signals from each other for their respective direction of vibrations. A LabVIEW program was used to simplify the analysis and to monitor the three dimensional vibration in real time applications. The experiments carried out to study the displacement response of the sensor to calibrate, and also tested the sensor response for vibration in different directions. It is found that the system can measure the three dimensional vibration at a point without any contact to it. Keywords- Fiber Optic, Intensity Modulated, Three Dimensional, Vibration Sensing.