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The Application of Math Logic in English Language Teaching

Mostly of peoples unconscious that is math logic has some relation with English especially in conditional sentence. The conclusion of premise in math logic can be applied in English language teaching, especially in the material about conditional sentence. For example, the conclusion of premise, premise (P) 1: if mother cook then, I am happy, premise (P) 2: mother cook, the conclusion (q): I am happy, therefore in conditional sentence it can be like, if mother cook, I am happy. The purpose of this paper is to describe the application of math logic in English language teaching and the advantages of using it so that, unconsciously when the teacher teaches about conditional sentence, indirectly the students has a description about premise in math logic. So that, the teacher can improve the student´┐Żs skill by applied the math logic in English language teaching. The students can learn about math in English learning. The English teaching strategies can be developed by using the combination between premise and conditional sentence. Keywords- Math Logic, English Language Teaching, Premise, Conditional Sentence, Application, Strategies.