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The Role of Motivation In Learning English for Indonesian Students

This paper aims to encourage the students that the first thing that they should have to learn English better is motivation. Nowadays, many students have problem with their spirit to learn better. Most of them said that they want to change, to experience, to improve their skills and knowledge, but they have done nothing to actualize their desires. Each student must know their goals and motivation to learn English. A goal is what an individual is striving to accomplish (Locke & Latham, 1990). Motivation is usually defined as an internal state that arouses, directs, and maintains behavior. Students are more likely to work toward goals that are clear, specific, reasonable, moderately challanging and attainable within a relatively short period of time. It is more accurate to say that students are primarily instrinsically and primarily extrinsically motivated to learn. There are three basic questions of motivation. First, what causes a person to initiate some action? Second, what is the level of involvement in the chosen activity? Third, what causes a person to persist or give up? Each student presents a different motivational problem. Motivated learners are willing to work hard to achieve their goal and they do not easily give up until they achieve that goal. This is true whether we talk about motivation in general education or in language learning contexts. At the end of this research it could be concluded that motivated learners are more enthusiastic, goal-oriented, committed, persistent and confident in their learning. Keywords- Motivation, students, goal-oriented, learning English.