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Competency of New Graduated Students: A Case Study of Graduated Students Major of Business Management Naresuan University Thailand

In Thailand, it is mismatching between workforce demand side and workforce supply side because many universities across nation provide yearly around 182,000 new graduated studentswhereas establishments for both public and private sectors can absorb nearly half of it. As workforce supply side, Naresuan University must be alert to this problem and become more active to provide graduated students who have competencies fit with labor market requirements. This study is aimed to identify what competencies should new graduated studentshave because these characteristics will make them fit with their organizations requirements. Survey research by questionnaires was conducted withnew graduated students Major of Business Management, Naresuan University, Thailand. Research results revealed that new graduated students rated stable job, looking after their parents, and progress in career path as main reasons for finding jobs. Employeesresigned from their first jobs after graduation during probation period. Main reasons of resignation were problem of progress in career path and uninteresting jobs did not allow they to prove their leadership skills. Graduated students who were employed immediately after their graduation are likely to concern about teamwork, continuous improvement and quality of work more than ones who spent longer time to find jobs. Work competencies requirements have relationships with employees� skills significant differently. Keywords- Competency, Skills, Dissatisfaction, Labor Market