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Virtual Aided Design (VAD): Developing a Feasible Virtual Reality System For Architectural Design and Education

Virtual reality is an emerging technology of recent years. It has the potential to enhance an architect´┐Żs imagination, space perception and decision making skills. These potentials could contribute significantly in improving the architectural design process. The objective of this paper is to highlight virtual reality as a useful tool for architectural education and to make it more accessible. Through interviews, surveys and analysis of common virtual reality components, an integrated Virtual Architecture Design system called VAD has been created. The system supports design and interaction of an architectural space within a virtual environment. This integrated system is composed by a number of equipment and software that is easily available in the current market. A brief discussion on its advantages and limitations is presented as well. Public awareness is also an intention of this paper in hope that users of VAD could further develop and in novate the system. Keywords- architecture; education; virtual reality; design process; virtual architecture design