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Analytical Modelling Of Communication Overhearing For Route Failure Recovery In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

MANETs have been utilized for data acquisition in many critical domains including emergency search-and-rescue, policing, and military operations. The characteristics of MANETs pose some issues such as high error rate and arbitrary power consumption. Random mobility nature of nodes in MANETs causes frequent irregular changes in the network topology resulting in communication disruption. Several routing protocols have been developed to cope with such problems, where the backup routes are created primarily during initial routes discoveries. However, those routes do not reflect the topology changes appropriately; hence, there is a very low chance of using them. The availability of information about a link on an active route before the breakage happens would help in restoring the active route before it becomes unobtainable. This can reduce packet loss and improve the network performance. This paper shows the benefit of utilizing the overhearing of communications for such purpose. Keywords- Wireless Mobile Ad Hoc Network, Link Failure, Route Maintenance, Routing in Wireless Networks