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Factors Affecting Consumers´┐Ż Buying Decision of Online Diamond Shopping

Consumer behavior differs from the predicted by the economist in the world, according to the complexity and a lot of factors that will influent consumer to make a decision. And also in nowadays, as the statement that Social media has been broadly defined as an electronic tools that enable anyone to publish and access information, collaborate on a common effort widely or build relationship among the social medial users. The number of social media users is continued to grow, 1 in 4 of the all population in the world use social media as the tools to communicate one another. In Demography, There were 20,100,000 internet users in Thailand (representing 30% of the population) at mid-year 2012 (30 June 2012). This study examines the consumer buying intention for diamonds through online channels in Thailand. Moreover this study helps to understand the online buying decision for experience or belief goods such as diamonds in a developing market. Keywords´┐Ż Online Business, Business, Diamond, Marketing.