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Achieving Customer Loyalty Online Via O2O Business Mode: A Case Study

The rise and development of O2O e-commerce has brought new opportunities for all industries, and also proposed the new challenge to the existing e-commerce. The formation process of customer loyalty of O2O e-commerce environment is a complex psychological process. Based on the experience of eFun online shopping male, this paper will combine the characteristics of O2O e-commerce, customer's consumer psychology and consumer behavior characteristics to build customer loyalty formation mechanism model which based on the theory of reasoned action model. The related factors of the model including the customer perceived value, customer satisfaction, customer trust and customer switching costs. By exploring the factors affecting customer� loyalty of O2O e-commerce can provide reference and basis for managers to develop e-commerce and better for O2O e-commerce executives to develop marketing strategy and achieve customer loyalty. Index Terms� O2O; E-commerce; Customer Loyalty.