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The Factors in Drop Out Between Studying of Music Students in Music Program at Rajabhat Universities in Bangkok

The objectives of the research, entitled the factors in drop out between studying of music students in music program at Rajabhat universities in Bangkok is to study the factors of music students in Rajabhat universities in Bangkok in drop pot between studying. This study is qualitative research by in-depth interview 8 the advisors from 4 Rajabhat universities and 5 students which dropped out between studying advisors from 4 Rajabhat universities in Bangkok. The research results are as follows: the first reason of drop out was economic of family, the second one was miss the class and not enough time to study, the third one was retirement from low grade, the last one was changing university or changing major subject. The suggestion were to give a scholarship, to work part time in university and have academic activities to help low grade students. Keywordsó Drop out, Music students, Rajabhat Universities.